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Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support and appreciation for Ellis Medicine and its mission while accommodating your own personal, financial, estate-planning, and philanthropic goals. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with various gift options by exploring How to Give and What to Give. Then compare gift options and/or calculate how these gifts could work for you.

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    Learn how you can make a gift today and receive income for life through a charitable gift annuity.  [more]

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    We invite you to consider including Ellis in your will. Find out how you can leave your legacy.  [more]

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    Making the Pieces Fit: How to Solve a Gift-Planning Puzzle

    May 2022

    Do you know how to make all of the pieces of your gift-planning puzzle fit together to meet your charitable goals? Read more to learn how to ensure your plans are fulfilled.  [more]

    The Importance of a Plan B: Alternative Gift Options to Ensure Your Goals Are Met

    April 2022

    Do you have a “Plan B” for your charitable giving intentions? Read more to learn about three ways you can create a back-up plan to make sure your goals are achieved.  [more]

    Who Are the Three Primary Members of Your Charitable-Planning Team?

    March 2022

    Did you know that charitable giving can be like a team sport? Read more to learn how to assemble the best team to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.  [more]

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